on May 21, 2013

Nautilus Studio, an Inspirational Arch Architecture by Calico Studio

Nautilus Studio is designed by Calico Studio. It is a provocative and interesting design, inspired from the spirals of the nautilus, a kind of arch, surrounded by a beautiful fir-tree forest. The house is all glass walls, keeping the connection between nature surrounding and the very hospitable house interior.

The entrance is large and hospitable, tables and sofas are set outside, under a roof, allowing you to drink your coffee among nature. Concrete, masonry, glass and wood are the main materials used to build this residence. Through the curved form of the ceiling and roof, the house receives warmth and intimacy. The open workspaces are split into a dry space for textiles and wet for painting. The spaces are flexible and the custom wheeled furniture can be set up on the fly to adjust to the needs of the artist. The furniture is simple and most of the drawers and shelves are made from glass, like many shop windows, exposing family stuffs. The textures are sunny and colored, cheering up the atmosphere.

Accessibility to the loft storage is achieved with adjustable custom metal stairs. The nautilus studio utilizes a straightforward palette, where color, texture and pattern work with shape and structure to provide a calm space that is also a source of inspiration.

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