on May 12, 2013

The Balmain House – a Continuous Dialog between House and Garden

The Balmain House is located in Sydney, Australia and it is designed by Fox Johnston. This house is designed to provide simple, functional living spaces and it enjoys a beautiful green landscape, with a splendid view.

The living space is open and crossing from outside to inside is made through a sliding glass door, which assures the permanent connection between interior and exterior. Being so opened, the living space, with its earthly grey colors, comfortable sofa and cozy aspect creates the illusion of being in a continuous dialog with the garden. Each downstairs living room – interior and exterior ‘borrows’ space from the other, maximizing volume, light and air. Floating above the ground plane is a sculpted, faceted timber volume containing the main bedroom, en suite, library/gallery and study. The upstairs spaces have been carefully shaped and designed to preserve neighbouring views and sunshine, to open the house to sunlight and ventilation, and to provide views to garden.

Elegant, modern but intimate, the living space is very relaxing. It continues with the well equipped kitchen, large windows and a lot of green plants, into a continuous combination of green and grey, textures and colors, inside and outside.

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