on December 16, 2012

Gorgeous Island House in Sweden

Located in the Archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden, Island House belongs to WRB Architects. The house is simple and practical, something between a cottage and a modern construction, built on a beautiful place for relaxation in the middle of nature. The landscape is amazing and peaceful, with the view showing the ocean on one side and the fresh luxuriant forest on the other side.

This is a beautiful place for a retreat among oak trees and pines. Details such as the wooden deck of the house, the great place to drink the morning coffee, the sauna and the floor to ceiling glass walls are as many interesting details that tie the house to the nature surrounding. The interior has a warm and practical aspect, with modern furniture, floor to ceiling windows enhancing the light, a nice huge and bright living space, continued by the kitchen space, a table set for family, enriched with the freshness of some wild flowers, places to relax and enjoy nature and silence, all these aspect create the perfect house for a vacation or a prolonged weekend.

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