on December 7, 2012

A Practical Eco Private Residence from ModCell

Would you like to own and live into a very practical house, in which the building and construction technique combines classic with modern? Than this is the perfect house for your taste! It looks like a huge cube, creating the impression that you can build it everywhere you want.

ModCell is the company in charge with this new technology. Combining the straw construction method with prefabricated panels, the house is built using a new technology that is sustainable and has a pleasant and comfortable look, too. Organized on two levels, it takes a material perceived as ‘’deep green’’ and combines it with modern methods of construction. The house is an Eco private residence, but its structure is developed on a sustainable carbon-neutral cladding system that can help it to resist to all the challenges of climate changes in the 21st century.

The residence is set in a nice surrounding and enjoys the green trees behind, standing like green guardians around the house, protecting it and making you feel cozy and comfortable. The trees make the house look like home. The interior is simple and minimalist, but elegant and proving good taste, combining modernity with classic environment and wood is the main element which offers comfort and creates the warm feeling of coziness.

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