on December 5, 2012

Leaf House, a Stunning Architectural Masterpiece

The interesting and unexpected Leaf house is situated in Sidney, Australia, on a coastal setting and it is designed by Undercurrent Architects.

The creative leaf-like pavilion embodies a perfect imitation of a huge leaf, in a perfect attempt to imply nature and be a part of the landscape. The whole interior skeleton looks like the branches of a tree and they look like the exotic trees surrounding. The roof looks like a bunch of fallen leaves and the interior houses elements that can be resembled with tree branches. This effect was achieved by using twisted steel beams. As seen from exterior, the house is just another tree among all the others. It perfectly imitates nature and matches the landscape and the beach, offering comfort and a place for relaxation during day time.

The pavilion has glass walls and creates you the impression that you are outside, in the middle if nature, reading under a huge and protective tree. This is a perfect integration of the building into the environment and a strong and attractive element of the residence.

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