on December 5, 2012

Timber Home Design with Incredible Views by Sturgess Architecture

This timber home is designed by Calgary-based Sturgess Architecture and it is placed on Bowen Island, surrounded by nature with water at its feet 100m below.

The building has not only the function of a primary residence but that of guest’s house, too, which are linked under one roof. An elongated plan maximizes the aperture of glazing and view to the North, while approaching the South, only the roof marks its presence in the landscape. The house reflects the day light through many windows, allowing nature to come inside into an attempt of prolonging the beautiful landscape surrounding. Under a wooden roof which ties the two bodies of the same house, you may sit with friends for a talk and a drink; you may eat or enjoy the sight.

The architect respected nature, the building being surrounded by green trees and huge stones, having the aspect of a lodge. But the interior is more than rustic. It is elegance and refinement of the details, modern furniture and elegant exotic flowers, intimate fireplace that lead to the impression that you are at home when you come into this beautiful house.

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