on December 4, 2012

A Monolith Guardian House: The Stone House in Portugal

Located in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal, this stone house reveals the real significance of the wedding wish: ‘’May you both have a stone house!’’

The architect uses nature in his plans to create a home and the plan succeeded indeed! The material of the house is obviously stone. Stone in its pure shape was remodeled and tamed to create a home for people who enjoy sustainable materials. The house’s resistance is mainly ensured by two giant boulders which are transformed into walls for this unusual residence. Approaching the house you have the feeling of coming back to the Stone Age. It is refreshing and the house is a perfect shelter which helps you to leave the stress behind and to forget about the modern way of living. The nature surrounding the stone walls is a huge plain, and the stone – house placed in its middle stands like a monolith, providing secure shelter against the bad weather and bad feelings.

Weather it is just a summer residence or a permanent place to stay, who wouldn’t want to sleep in the middle of nature and yet still have all the latest technology and living conditions? This is the perfect rough house for a modern adventure.

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