on December 4, 2012

Maroubra Residence in Australia, Nostalgia of the Beach

Designed by Eddie Kenda and built by Halemist, this beautiful house comes from The Architecture Company and is located in North Maroubra, Australia.

The location of the house is the beach and the views from the residence are absolutely fantastic. Looking from the front, the house looks like a lighthouse watching the shore and enjoying the most beautiful landscape of the beach. An ample open space, a white terrace greets you, offering plenty of space to relax and admire the splendid view. The opened doors reveal relaxing and elegant sofas, creating fluency between interior and exterior and the impression that the waves could bath your feet even inside the house. The first floor houses the living rooms, while the bedrooms are located downstairs. White color of the furniture is predominant providing large spaces and plenty of light. Large windows allow you to enjoy the view and bring the sea inside.

The interiors are classy and tasteful, full of art objects and decorations on the walls, subtle presences of a nostalgic atmosphere. The terraces and decks for relaxation inspire a feeling of freedom and happiness of soul, providing the liberty of spirit and body.

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