40 Luxury and Elegant Brown Interior Designs

Brown is the color which beats the extravagance. In the same time, it is the color of earth and wood. Is is solid, trustful, it creates a neutral, comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Is the color of sincerity, power and maturity.

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Let’s take a look at some brown interiors and see how cozy and elegant they are! This is a brown bedroom. The walls consist in a combination between different nuances of brown, from auburn to camel, reflected into a bath of sweet and tender light, coming from the spotlights over the matrimonial bed. A plant in a pot, a few books, some thin bedclothes and a thick and warm café au lait carpet complete the peaceful atmosphere.

Another serene and calm bedroom atmosphere. This time a room with irregular walls, in which there is no symmetry. In spite of this think, the camel color of the walls, combined with a brown bed and a brown office, the curtains café au lait and the beautiful orchid from the flower-pot complete the a dreaming scenery.

A bedroom in the sky! That’s the impression! A bedroom situated at the second floor of a house. It combines the blue cloudy sky, as seen from a big window, with the white of the walls and the dark brown paper wall over the bed and the dark brown carpet, provide a trustful and comfortable atmosphere.  The dark brown paper wall is enlightened by three white paintings and the small and cozy light of the lamp from the night stand offer you a dream world.

Types of bedrooms! Hardly can we leave the anterior bedroom from the sky! But we arrive into another one. A little darker, because of the combination of Bulgarian rose and burnt umber of the walls. The majestic bed, with white sheets gives light to the room. The furniture is antique: a black table with a romantic candle, two armchairs, everything is sober. But the spotted burly wood curtains cheer up the atmosphere.

This is a spacious bedroom. The walls café au lait, the simple furniture, consisting in a bed, a shelve with books and a night stand, a simple chair, everything in nuances of wood and white, give space to the room. The piece which gives personality to the room is the café noir thick carpet, placed on a floor in the tonality of the walls. The large wardrobe, flushed in the wall, has the same light colour of the walls and floor.

It’s almost dark outside. Somewhere, between the blue-dark fir trees, you’ll discover the bedroom of your dreams. A room in the colours of fire, with a fireplace in which a nice warm fire is burning. The room is cozy; it has a big comfortable bed, a chair by the fireplace, which invites you to dream. Different nuances of brown, from burnt orange, to Bulgarian rose , a lamp placed near the bed and another one near the window increase the calm atmosphere of relax and peace.

A great and modern bedroom, light spots everywhere, enhancing the intimacy. White walls, upholstered with traditional brown, having a huge black and white photography in the middle. A brown bad with a natural wood colour frame and a white fluffy carpet for the winter cold nights. Lights and mirrors everywhere, widening space and elegance. Notice the elegant and modern designed chandelier!

A cozy and rustic bedroom, a combination of modernism and chalet aspect. The walls are painted in burnt umber. The room is airy, with minimum furniture, a modern bed, in the color of the walls, with white bed clothes and burnt umber pillows. It has four modern tall brown feet, like lianas climbing up into a tree. The model of the floor is very interesting. It is made from grit stone, café au lait, and the carpet, in the same color, looks like a merry puzzle on the floor. An electric fan fixed on the ceiling completes the image of a chalet.

And from the bedroom we go further to the soul of each house: the kitchen. Here is a brown kitchen, in the colours of the earth. A wall of glass provides lightness and happiness. Both the ceiling and the floor are a combination of café au lait and camel colour, and they look intimate and clean. It is a simple and modern equipped kitchen (sink, cupboard, shelves and cooker), with modern furniture, which offers a lot of space.

And here we come to the living room, a space to relax after a long and tiresome day. This is a ‘’brown’’ living room, with dark vanilla walls, dark sienna corrugated curtains and a carpet in the same nuance.  The shelves from the wall are black which gives elegance to the room. But the coach is white, a five places coach for the whole family, elegant and very comfortable. In the middle of the carpet stands a fragile round table made up of glass.

An aspect from a living room, large windows with dark sienna curtains, contrasting with the light outside and according to the dark tan colour of the walls and couch. The couch set in front of the windows is elegant and big; it has brown and white pillows, and the green plant in the corner gives life to the living room.

From the living room we come back to another bedroom, a spacious one. The light is filtered through large windows with white curtains like veil. The walls and ceiling are dark vanilla, and a big chandelier is hanging from the ceiling, reminding the ceremonious atmosphere from a ball room in Vienna. The floor is made up of deep coffee parquet. The room has not plenty of furniture, providing space. A wardrobe as long as one wall, in white and brown, providing elegance, a brown bed with white bed-clothes, a small white night stand and a big, white and thick carpet complete the bedroom.

This is an airy brown kitchen, with burnt umber kitchen furniture. The work cooking place is well separated from the rest of the room. There is plenty of space for a table set for three or more persons. The table is brown and very simple, but comfortable. The floor is covered with camel sand stone, offering light and space to the room. The walls are in the same light and elegant colour, everything is simple, providing good taste. The door is made of glass; it is large and it creates a mild atmosphere opposing to the simplicity and right lines and shapes of the furniture.

An interesting and massive living room, in nuances of brown. The room is spacious, with ample walls, dressed in mahogany wood. The dark colour of the walls in enlightened by nuances of carrot orange. The floor in made up of sand stone in Bulgarian rose colour. A table, two burnt umber armchairs and a white couch, a little table, upholstered in brown leather provides an intimate little space for talking and drinking a nice coffee, watching TV.  The pictures, the spot lights from the walls, illuminating the objects from the shelves, create intimacy in a spacious room.

Another spacious living room, in nuances of brown and café au lait. The room has two walls made of glass, revealing a green panorama of a beautiful garden. They have brown curtains, matching the furniture. The walls have deep saffron walls, enlightened by light spots; the floor is covered with a café au lait carpet, which provides space and elegance. The furniture is simple and elegant. A white and large family sofa, with a white table dressed in the coach material in front and a pot with a green flower create an atmosphere of intimacy. Two round armchairs stand near the coach and some café au lait  pillows, on the floor, invite family to talk and relax. There are some big ceramic pots as ornaments to complete the simplicity and elegance of the room.

This time we have a combination of two colours: davy’s grey and coconut (a nuance of brown). Grey is a neutral colour which, in combination with brown puts this colour into value and creates harmony. This living room has grey walls, and a modern design of furniture (simple and sober bookshelves), a family coach in the colour of coconut, simple and comfortable, a square glass table in front of the coach, and a small white carpet, with chocolate edges. The living room is a symbol of elegance, simplicity and order.

From the living room we pass to the library. This is a spacious room, with antique brass colour of the ceiling and walls (the light spots screen different nuances on the walls) and a burnt umber floor. There are two face to face coaches, in the same burnt umber colour like the floor. A rectangular burnt umber table between the two coaches, everything situated on a carpet in the colour of the ceiling and walls. The room is harmonious and elegant. The piano behind the couch complete the intimacy of the atmosphere, shelves with books fill the walls and a big fireplace create an atmosphere for study, intimacy or relaxation.  The library has one glass wall and some small windows revealing the night outside and increasing the intimacy of the room.

Here we are in a rather masculine, simple and sober bedroom. A middle bed, with a frame in chestnut colour, a small and simple night table which combines the chestnut color with a nuance of desert sand (the same nuance as the bed-clothes). The walls and the floor are grey, creating a contrast and enhancing the power brown from the furniture. There is another closet with drawers, in the color of the night table, contrasting the grey of the wall. The carpet in grey, too and the elegance of the bed room invites you to relax in a comfortable bed, surrounded by harmony.

A black and white bedroom, white walls and floor, dark sienna bed, night table and closet, simple and elegant furniture. The first impression is that of style and elegance, because white is a neutral colour and combined with dark brown enhances harmony by emphasizing brown’s effect. The carpet, white and black stripes, is simple and elegant, in complete harmony with the rest of the room. The white walls create the impression of space.

A brown bedroom, a place for dreaming and relaxation. The walls and the ceiling combine café au lait and camel colors in an attempt to create a mild atmosphere. The floor is white, contrasting with the black bean thick carpet, an invitation to relaxation. The bedroom has simple and modern furniture, a coconut wardrobe with mirrors enhancing space, a wide and elegant middle bed and an armchair in a corner of the room. Ample windows with white and brown curtains, in stripes. The model of curtains makes the window to look as a stained glass. Though big, the bedroom is cozy.

Here is a dining room in white, Bulgarian rose and traditional brown. The furniture is old fashioned, with two massive leathered coaches for two and three persons, a leathered armchair and a rectangular wood table in the middle. The floor is polished and traditional brown, with a thick small beige carpet for the table (table’s legs are sculptured). There is an ornamental plant in a corner and its green leaves are in harmony with the nuances of brown from the whole room. Another small wood table with sculptured legs stands into a corner, with an elegant flower vase on it. Great windows with ample view, bright feldspar curtains complete the peaceful atmosphere of the room.

A living room for study or relaxation. The space in well distributed in two spaces. One space has a comfortable armchair in nuances of the walls, situated in front of the window, with a tree in a pot, revealing a beautiful landscape and a relaxing atmosphere of laziness. The other space makes the living room, with fallow walls, interesting pictures creating symmetry, a dark brown leathered table in front of a comfortable medium carmine coach with fluffy pillows, inviting you to lay there and relax yourself. The floor is grey and has a small medium carmine carpet for the table. Everywhere in the room it is an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Here is a very shining and comfortable bedroom! It is conceived for relaxation and peace. The walls are painted in mellow apricot color, having a black bean armchair deep into the wall, a matrimonial bed in the same color, with white bed clothes, a tan carpet…all the colors are shades of brown, which offer personality to the bedroom.

This is a bar, a kind of intimate restaurant, in brown nuances.  The interior space is cozy. You feel you are at home, because of the tables and chairs, which are brown and cooper. The floor is made of sandstone, in little brown and copper square pieces, combined like a chess panel. The bar is a combination between simple and complex, with a brown wood table and stained glass windows, in shades of brown. There are also some rafters, chiseled in wood, which gives the impression of a country gate.

This is a living room which discloses the next room, the bedroom. It is a multifunctional room in nuances of brown. The room is spacious, painted in desert sand color, with different tonalities, according to the spot lights. The furniture consists in a comfortable coach, in which you may lay and relax, reading a book or watching TV, a TV table and a brown carpet. This furniture creates a separate space in the room. The large window with a sofa next to it offers the possibility to admire the view outside and to relax reading a good book. In the opposite corner there is space with an office and a chair. You can study or write or work there and you may enjoy a big and relaxing room.

And we arrive into a nice and cozy living room. The predominant colour is brown. It provides peace and the earth’s silence to the room. It is warm and very comfortable, inviting you to meditation in front of the big fireplace into the wall. The furniture in simple. A brown coach, made up from two pieces, is set by the fireplace. A small rectangular glass table in front of it. The floor and the curtains are also brown. Four little spot lights on the ceiling give a discrete light to the room. The big mirror up to the fireplace increases space. A real atmosphere for meditation!

A penthouse, a rustic bedroom, in brown. The predominant colours are brown and chocolate. The bedroom is not large and the furniture is made up of one matrimonial bed, a little coach for two persons and an armchair, all of them in different brown shades. The floor is made up of wood and the fireplace opposite the bed increase comfort and relaxation. The room has a large window, which allows you to admire the view. A cozy and warm room to live in!

Another brown shades living room. This time the ceiling is tan and the walls are bole. The room is large and has a fireplace and two white comfortable armchairs next to the fireplace. The sofa is opposite the fireplace and it is white, too. White creates a contrast with the bole dark colour of the walls and enlightens the room. There are some round and oval lamps on the wall and they sweeten the room’s lightness. A small rectangular table near one wall, with two lamps on it and a green plant in a pot cheer up the atmosphere.

A corner from a living room, with brown, chocolate and seal brown as predominant colours. A brown wall, some chocolate curtains, a seal brown frame with some brown ornaments on it, a picture with a brown frame, a small square table with white orchards and a bottle of red wine complete the romantic atmosphere.

A white bedroom, large and spacious, very elegant. Walls and ceiling are painted in white, but the coffee brown furniture provides personality to the room. A large and coffee bed, with black and white bed-clothes, a big and thick white carpet, a white and coffee drawer and a coffee night table, a black floor lead to an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The wide oval window reveals a nice panorama.

A very modern and cozy bedroom, in shades of brown. Desert sand ceiling and one wall in the same color. It is a game of colors into the room, because the other walls are painted in seal brown and russet. One wall has some alcoves enlighten by spot lights and creating an atmosphere of intimacy. The matrimonial bed is large and seal brown, with white bed clothes and it is set on two dark brown stairs, fact that provides an atmosphere of ceremony. A thick camel carpet at the bed’s edge creates intimacy.

An elegant and intimate living room, with a fireplace and two pieces of tan leather sofa, two tan leather chairs and an ochre wood square table, placed on a fallow carpet with geometrical models. The walls are beaver and a big painting in vivid colours of nature over the fireplace increase the intimate atmosphere. There is also a white orchard on a small glass round table and a tall lamp imitating the flames from the fireplace. The entire place is warm and cozy.

Here we have an attic, walls and floor from wood, painted in maroon. The reddish nuance of this colour, increased by the presence of a big and nice fireplace, creates the impression that the room itself is burning. It is a cozy room for white and cold winter days! A rectangular reddish wood table, two chairs and the ceiling creating an arch over the whole room provide a nice, warm atmosphere of relaxation.

This is another spacious bedroom, painted in different nuances of brown. The walls are in cordovan colour, a grey picture hangs on one wall. The furniture consists of one matrimonial sienna colored bed, with a white panel, a white and sienna night table and a little white and sienna wardrobe, with a mirror on the wall, over it. The floor is sienna and the atmosphere is calm, mild and pure.

A modern bedroom, with a leaning bed, in nuances of desert sand, as the walls. The window in large, it extends on the whole wall and has some draperies in a modern geometrical brown shades model. There is a modern painting over the bed, a portrait and a carpet imitating folk models, with stripes in different nuances of brown and reddish.

An elegant and simple bedroom, in nuances of desert sand. Walls and floor have the same pale color and there is one single cadet grey wall, providing a contrast between colors and giving originality to the bedroom. Simple furniture, a small bole color wardrobe with a small mirror in its middle enhancing space; a matrimonial simple bed, bole coloured, with two bole night drawers and some interesting and modern white vases on them, white bed-clothes and a tiny thick carpet painted in a combination of tan and desert sand colors; a bole powder room for women, with a mirror, a small chair and some white elegant flower pots complete the furniture of a simple, clean and bright bedroom.

A dark elegant and intimate bedroom, with a very original matrimonial bed. The whole room is painted in seal brown and chocolate nuances. Light comes from some round big spots placed on the dark ceiling and from a modern lamp on a wall. The originality of the room is offered by the bed, which is round and seal brown. There are also two seal brown chairs in front of the bed. The walls look as if they are upholstered with dark brown material. It looks as if waves of dark chocolate overflow into the room. It is intimate and sensual.

We pass from a dark and intimate bedroom to a bright, warm and friendly living room. The predominant colours of the room are tan and desert sand. Pale nuances, delineated by a bole wall and a sienna library, including a TV set. There are some other pieces of furniture, like a small sienna wood table, wearing a fruits plate on it, a bole sofa, a bole chair and a satin sheen gold carpet, with a field drab frame. The living room has some brown wood stairs connecting this room to the rooms upstairs. The friendly atmosphere is completed by green plants and by the picture over the TV set, painted in happy and warm colors.

A very modern living room, with walls in shades of brown (lion colour), café au lait curtains and furniture from glass and metal. A big white fireplace stands in the middle of the front wall. There is a modern picture in black and white of a sport man on the wall, over the fireplace. The picture is in perfect match with the furniture, completed by two black office leather chairs and a black glass table among them. The fireplace is perfectly hired between two corps of black metallic library. The floor is from café au lait sand stone and the place looks modern and comfortable.

A cozy bedroom, in which the main piece of furniture is the matrimonial bed. It is seal brown, with white bed-clothes making a contrast. The bedroom is simple and light. It has a glass door which reveals the landscape and has a seal brown curtain for nights. It is interesting the way the walls are painted. The wall with the bed in painted in chocolate and the others are painted in the color of sand, creating a definite line to the bedroom. There is a small night table near the bed and some pictures on the wall, offering personality to the room. It is a small, cozy bedroom.

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