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30 Inspirational Bathroom Design Ideas

In this article I’ll present to you some of the best bathroom design ideas you’ll ever see, carefully chosen from all over the internet to offer you something really inspirational that I hope it will help you reflect over the ” perfect bathroom” no matter if you like the classic, traditional or modern designs.

Each of these designs will provide facial appearance and various elements of each style, so you can choose and collect the best from both the contemporary and the traditional style and create a truly original bathroom.

The first one is a modern bathroom that uses minimal interior elements, with a great combination of white, red and black, very desired nowadays to obtain a contemporary look. The most important element is the chandelier, which truly makes the difference thanks to its glamorous design.

Now, this is one of those perfect minimalist bathrooms, based on the simple and so sophisticated combination of black and white, accentuated by the use of natural plants placed near the big floor to ceiling window.

Another minimalist look, but now comes with a few art elements, quite chic. Seems like a bathroom in the middle of the nature, an exquisite design with clean and bold lines, using the common trend with white, glossy white and the walls are most of them made from glass.

This one is really special, incorporates a few zen elements and s beautiful brown wood, to provide a natural effect. There were used rustic stone walls, which works perfectly with the green plants, and a big window that provide a beautiful natural light.

Here’s something elegant and minimalist at the same time, a very used and desired combination of glossy white and wood. While, the white create the feeling of a cold and stark bathroom, the wood lighted by that elegant lamp offers warmth.

Oh, this is really dreamy, not only because of its design but the views are just speechless. Modern and simple, using a combination of light wood with the white for the bathtub and sink that it’s so used in modern bathrooms. And, with that view I’m sure I could stay for hours in there.

The next bathroom design makes me think about a fresh and airy atmosphere, a minimalist design in its pure definition. I’m sure that after a bath in there you’re gonna feel fully recharged.

Characterised by a sharp, clean shape and minimalist facial appearance, the next design makes a real significance of space. The walls are all covered in black but, to get rid of the stark appearance there were used two wall-mounted lamps.

This one I have to say it’s one of my favourites, looks just perfect for a romantic night or maybe if you want to treat yourself after a long, exhausting day of work. The wood wall that is also used as a small fireplace, and the diffuse light given by the wall-mounted lamps create a warm and cozy atmosphere, very relaxing.

The next bathroom is based on a marine theme, and uses cream tiles and sandstone accentuated by a few small elements of a light blue, that gives a modern and contemporary look. It represents a good choice for relaxation and visual delight.

A Zen inspired bathroom design that exudes a feeling of peace and relaxation, using rich wood and organic cotton towels. To give a more natural look to this bathroom, there is a “small lake” inside with white lilies floating, and is located near the large floor to ceiling windows, creating a sense of harmony with the surroundings outside.

This one is very elegant and sophisticated, the color palette used for the entire bathroom is very simple and uses a beautiful combination of nuances from cream to dark chocolate. The design exudes a warm feeling, and the diffused lights evoke a romantic aesthetic.

The next design is very inspirational and gives the feeling of an airy and bright space, most of it due to the use of a window placed on top as part of the roof. The combination of colors used is very common nowadays, the white works perfectly with the wood and as a natural element, a kind of tree was used.

This is one of my favourite designs, so simple and modern with an elegant touch. The connection between the interior and the exterior is made via a large window, that provide a great view of the landscape. Seems like a great place where you can enjoy a relaxing bath.

Here’s something really modern and green. It’s all about a fresh design, a combination of cream and green, in which the green exudes life and nature. The bathtub used is really unique, being made of solid glass and I really like the idea of placing it on a circle of grass.

Ok, this is really the cherry on top of the cake because we don’t see so often a fireplace in the bathroom. Of course, it’s a perfect design if we’re thinking about a residence located on the heart of the mountains, with an interior all made of light wood and a white glossy bathtub. Simple but at the same time so incredibly fabulous.

Zen, zen, zen all the way! Just admire how every detail and element that helped at the design of this bathroom works perfectly with each other, and the bathtub was conceived as a circular mini pool. The color of a Zen bathroom design idea incorporates natural tones inspired from the five elements of nature: water, earth, fire, wood and metal.

Minimalist and elegant! I really like the bathtub and sink concept idea, so simple and beautiful, and that black pendant light looks like is the center of all. Those two elegant chairs looks quite fancy and that impressive big mirror will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Cream and warm tones, all of them gathered into this lovely bathroom. The design used includes modern elements and shapes, the dark wood table support contrast the white sink, large mirrors that goes from the sink level up to the ceiling and gold elements that gives a glamour touch.

Here we have a combination of both a bedroom and bathroom, very modern and extremely chic. A minimalist design, very airy and spacious, with a simple combination of colors where the burgundy just pops-out and the diffuse light of the lamps create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

A dreamy bathroom, with a few zen elements that will create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing bath. The natural wood used for the floor creates a contrast with the white glossy bathtub, and the big floor to ceiling windows supported by wood frames offers some beautiful views over the lake.

A small but very well-organized bathroom, and a smart idea incorporating a window in the roof that could provide enough light for the entire space. The mirrors placed one in front of the other at a small distance, maximize the space and creates the feeling of an open and airy space.

Luxurious: it’s the best word to describe the next design. So spacious and opened to the exterior through the use of large windows that overlooks the beautiful sea and the island. The interior is all about light wood that covers everything, and the bathtub is actually located in a small pool. Just gorgeous!

Here’s something for the ladies! Elegant red and glossy white, the perfect contrast accentuated by a beautiful and imposing chandelier, that provide a diffuse romantic light that will create a cozy atmosphere so that you can enjoy a perfect bubbly bath after a long and exhausting day.

Cream nuances invade the entire space, and the spotlights highlights the clean and simple design. Don’t know how much intimacy this bathroom can provide, since the walls don’t look like they could cover too much space.

This is one of my favourite combination, cream and dark wood nuances, mixed and highlighted by the diffused light provided by the wall-mounted pendants. Mirrors are places on each of the walls, to create the illusion of a maximise space, a great choice since the space used is so little.

Minimalist all the way, but still so elegant! The minimalist combination of black and white in a very large space, a space where the black walls are in a battle with the white floor and creates a contrast with the closet, the bathtub and sink, highlighting their shapes and design.

Contemporary bathroom defined by the use of black, white and grey. The stark and cold look in this kind of minimalist design can be broken using just a few, small and subtle elements, in this case a vase of pink flowers right near the sink.

Another contemporary design, very similar with the one above, but here we can observe a barrier between the white and the black, between the bathtub and the sink space. The abstract arrangement of the shelves gives a plus to the contemporary design, and the space is maximised using a big mirror right above the sink. The elements that provide the uniqueness of the space is given by the colored pendant lights suspended at different heights.

Simplicity defined by black! A bold idea that tries to prove that black is a very strong competitor when we’re talking about contemporary bathroom designs.

So, after watching and studying all of these designs, please tell us, which one did you like the most and would you like to use someday as an inspirational design for your own bathroom? We’re looking forward to read your suggestions!

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  1. Awesome collection, I must say! I like almost all of them but the one I like most is number 28th, the contemporary design. It’s very inspirational.
    Btw, I think the bathroom design number 25 can provide enough intimacy because it seems like that design have circular sliding wall. Do have a look at it’s ceiling 🙂

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