on November 28, 2010

3x3x3 Taiwan Tower Competition – Broadway Malyan Architects

The Taiwan Tower Competition in Taichung received a new project 3x3x3 by Broadway Malyan Architects,  called this way because it represents the coalescence of three distinct features of the tower: environmental, social and economic.

For this competition, the designers must create a tower that could commemorate the centennial anniversary of the founding of Taiwan.

The splayed and twisted tower shows stability and elegance trough his form. At the ground level we can find a park landscape that includes bicycling, basketball and baseball courts and city farm style allotments. After that, we can find a museum of urban development and 360 degree views of Taichung.

Three observation decks, a cafe and a restaurant are in the top of the tower.  Also an event space that can host Red Bull’s Asia X-Games Base-Jumping Contest is located here.

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