on September 30, 2011

35 Inspiring Contemporary Black & White Interior Designs

The next interior designs you’ll see are just stunning, exuding a contemporary and elegant approach based on a black and white combination of colors.

Nowadays more and more modern designs are based on black and white themes. It’s a really simple and unique combination, very used in modern apartments and buildings, and that’s why we prepared 35 inspiring photos for those of you who have in mind the redesign of your apartment. There are contemporary and futuristic ideas of designs, so you can chose your favourite and start thinking about a redesign. The elegance is accentuated using various decor elements, carefully chosen to fit perfectly.

In these stunning designs you can see from elegant lacquered furniture to original decorating elements, all of these 35 decors were selected to surprise and trigger the creativity of the viewer. I personally love the contemporary and geometric approach for these black and white designs, some of them are very luxurious and this simple black and white combination was the perfect choice. So, enjoy the refinement and elegance exuded by these great interiors and let us know what do you like the most and of course if you would dare to try one of these designs into your home.




































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