on July 16, 2011

Buildings with Unusual Facades

The next buildings you’re going to see are based on a  normal architecture, but the thing which differentiate them from other building you see in your town, maybe the house of your neighbours or your building, it’s the facade.

Every building is unique, having a different architecture or interior design, and each of them is made by different architects. The facade is one of the most important factors of a house because it’s the first thing you see, when you’re driving on road the houses you see, or the house of a friend you’re visiting, the facade offers you the first impression about that house. A few unconventional designer and architects thought about creating something unique and spectacular at the same time, regarding the facade.

They wanted to express their imagination and creativity by creating something new that we can’t see everyday or maybe never seen before and that isn’t necessarily practical but that is just unusual and intriguing. The result is definitely an innovation in this domain, creating a 3D effect that attracts your attention. I really love the jungle theme because it just looks so real, i think it would be perfect for a kindergarden because it offers a creative environment.











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