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10 Amazing Treehouses perfect for a romantic retreat

For today i’ve prepared 10 beautiful treehouses that i’m sure you’ll enjoy and maybe you’ll think about renting one for a romantic hideaway in nature with the love of your life. The treehouse is the perfect place for an unique experience, it rejuvenates and relaxes you, it offers the perfect escape from the world around and ensure that the only things that matter are you and your love. Each tree house looks like something out of a fairy tale, and it’s perfect for a hide away and romantic getaway sitting high on a mountain with fantastic views, or maybe enjoying some exclusive views of the ocean.

The modern treehouses offers the entire package, with all you need so you can enjoy a private  stay with a romantic bedroom, bath and toilet attached, and in some cases with some special touches like a bubbling hot tub on the deck overlooking the views, a jetted indoor Jacuzzi, and a warm and cozy fireplace in the living room.

These treehouses are some of those perfect places where you experience romance high in the mountains or near the ocean, and it offers you a feeling of complete serenity.

1. Mirror Cube

This amazing mirrored glass box has been designed by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter, and seems like it’s floating in the air, but it is suspended round the trunk of a tree in Harads, northern Sweden. It is made completely out of aluminum and glass. This romantic retreat can be accessed by a rope bridge, and the interior includes a double bed, bathroom, living room and even a roof terrace.

The great thing about this treehouse is that being all made by mirrored glass it offers some amazing 360 degree view of the surroundings, and gives you the unique feeling that you’re floating since there’s nothing below and the mirror reflects the surroundings and the sky, creating a camouflaged refuge. Also, to prevent birds colliding with the glass, the architects used a transparent ultraviolet colour which is laminated into the glass panes, making it visible for birds only.

2. Free Spirit Sphere

This amazing Free Spirit Sphere has been designed by Tom Chudleigh and is a great treehouse suspended just like a pendant via wires from old-growth trees or any other stationary objects. The Sphere is handcrafted and build as a wooden frame, surrounded with laminated wood and a clear fiberglass shell.

Each sphere has four attachments on top and another four anchor points on the boom, and each attachment must be strong enough to carry the entire sphere and contents. The joinery is yacht style with much brass trim, varnished wood and cane doors. They have closets on either side of the door, to be sure that every little space from the sphere is used as a storage space. The vinyl upholstery fabric is stapled to the frames, and each fabric joint is then covered with a decorative wood strip, that will blend together at the top and create a beautiful cathedral ceiling effect.

This great treehouse creates a slow gentle rocking when the wind blows and it offers some spectacular view from any vantage point, so you can either get one or rent the ones in Parksville on Vancouver Island that offer a romantic evening overlooking a coastal rainforest.

7. The Palm Fiction

The next one is very special, and not only because of its luxury, but it differentiate from the treehouses we’ve seen because it offers some amazing ocean views.

The Palm Fiction is just a concept for the moment and has been designed by German treehouse builder Baumraum. It has a great futuristic look, and even though it looks quite small, this luxurious palm treehouse features a terrace for sunbathing. And because we’ve mentioned about luxury, the treehouse features a kitchen, floor heating, a jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a lot more. This will for sure create a perfect and romantic environment to the treehouse experience due to its location so near to the sea, being suspended from palm trees that are no less than a few meters away from the sea. Just imagine the sea breeze at night, stars and the waves – just perfect!

4. Under Heaven

This is really impressive! Even though we’re not talking necessarily about the usual romantic treehouse in the wilderness, this is really spectacular because it’s a house in a tree on top of a twelve-floor building, which is the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art.

The treehouse was crafted from old fruit and veggie crates and built on top of a tree, and is composed of repurposed tents, tarps and other camping-type material. The structure of this treehouse is supported by a metal framework build around a tree, and is tied down on all sides with cables which are visible at close range, but fade at the street level, due to the distance. This is probably the highest treehouse you have ever seen, and it offers some breathtaking view over the city of Amsterdam.

5.Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

This beautiful Yellow Treehouse Restaurant has been designed by Pacific Environments Architects and is a 10 metres restaurant located up on a redwood tree, 60-meter tree-top walkway and a panoramic view of the surrounding nature.

The idea of this treehouse project is about the childhood dreams and playtime, and takes the shape of an cocoon protecting the emerging butterfly, making the visitors feel save and protected in this great refuge. At night, the restaurant looks as a lantern that beautifully glows and offers some unobstructed views into the valley and entrance to the site and structural soundness.

The architecture is very simple, resembles an oval form wrapped around the trunk of the tree and structurally tied at top and bottom, with a circular plan that is split apart on the axis with the rear floor portion raised. The strongest architectural feature is represented by the rhythm of the various materials retains.

6. O2 Sustainability Treehouse

The Geodesic Dome Treehouse has been designed by Dustin Feider and is a eco-friendly treehouse also known as the O2 Sustainability Treehouse, being made entirely from recycled materials. The concept idea was inspired by the construction of Buckminster Fuller’s infamous geodesic dome.

Following Fuller’s idea, the 23-year old freelance furniture designer discovered that he could construct a great stable structure, more stable that the unusual treehouse structure and with the use of less material. This way, not only that the treehouse has a great structure but this was made without at all harming the tree. At night, the translucent 1/16th inch triangulated polypropylene panels that make up the structure creates the illusion that the structure appear to glow from within. The panels are also used to provide air circulation and a beautiful lightshow during sunset when the treehouse casts purple-ish shadows.


This amazing 4TREEHOUSE has been designed by Lukasz Kos and is located in some trees on Lake Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. The design is inspired from a Japanese lantern and offers some extraordinary views of the forest, from inside, out, down and up, creating a perfect romantic retreat in the wilderness.

The structure of this great treehouse was constructed around the base of four existing trees, instead of being stretch between them as we usually see. Even though at first look the treehouse seems quite small, the structure has three levels that offer ample space and vary in transparency, letting the light to invade the interior space. The idea of this project is to minimize the impact to the trees, by trying to create a sense of harmony between the nature and the building. The structural foundation for the tree house was made by using a swing suspended from the four trees.

8. Sybarite Treehouse

The Sybarite’s Modular Tree Dwelling is a bold concept which tries to install rural housing above the treeline. The concept idea is both retro and futuristic, and the result looks amazing.

This project tries to encourage a more organic approach to country living, and is extremely lightweight, being based on sustainability and using many recycled products. The design evolves from the underside, to the interior and then outwards concentrating on views and aspects above the tree horizon.  The overall size of the treehouse can vary from a single bedroom house up to a five bedroom model.

The great thing about this project is that being so lightweight the prefabricated design can be installed on site within two weeks. The electricity necessary for the entire building is ensured by the ‘belly’ of the tree house which accommodates undulating kinetic baffles that utilise wind power.

9. Treetop Villas

The Treetop Villas project represents another great concept and is located in Phuket, Thailand. What i love the most about these cute villas is the location, near the ocean, housed in the imposing canopy that is unique to the jungles of South-East Asia.

The entire project includes 17 villas connected with one another and their surrounding in perfect geometry and by juxtaposition, so that each of them has some great views around. The design of the cabins blends with the surrounding thanks to the use of natural wood and other local materials, and it offers some great vantage points, with some stunning ocean views.

The villas are connected by a narrow footbridges and pathways that are designed only for a stroll, and are located 20 meters above ground so that you can relax and spend the dawn, enjoy the sea breeze and the beach. It’s a perfect getaway if you want to get rid of the stress or you just a romantic evening.

10. Baumraum Modern Treehouse

This beautiul Baumraum Modern Treehouse has been designed by the well known German tree house developer, Baumraum and it’s a great project that incorporates the natural and the modern way of living.

Baumraum have tried to combine the comfort of the 21st century with a calm and elegant retreat, perfect for the romantic couples. The interior and exterior is all about wood, the use of this material creates a cozy feeling and the ambient lighting gives an elegant and romantic touch. I really like how Baumraum combines the best of modern architecture with the back of the house classic family tree.

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